Monday, November 8, 2010

Photo post #44: Boa Vista!

Em Setembro, tive o prazer de passar férias com a minha família na ilha da Boa Vista, em Cabo Verde. Como sempre, adorei estar em África e o cenário inspirou-me para mais uma série de auto-retratos. Aqui ficam os ditos, mais algumas fotos da viagem!


I had the pleasure of spending a family holiday, last September, in Boa Vista, one of the Cape Verdian islands. As usual, I loved being in Africa and the scenery inspired me to start a series of self-portraits. Here are those and a few more photos, taken during the trip.

And so she sits and waits, her eyes fixed on the sky. She is waiting for a plane; a plane she knows won't pass by that particular bit of sky, but she stares anyway. And while she stares, a roll of prayers, small sentences and words of worship leave her lips, almost unnoticed.

After sometime, she is finally able to take a deep breath and rest her chin on her closed fist. Her eyes are still in the turquoise sky, as she sees one, two, three airplanes pass by. She knows it's none of those. But she keeps on waiting.


She wakes up in the sand, her feet and hands sore from struggling. It's like a pathway, a road to a place she knows she's been to, a place she somehow recognizes. Nothing makes sense. There's green and there's sand, there's the sky and the ocean. It's a place, somewhere. But all she knows about this place is that she feels incomplete. A part of herself is missing. And as she stares down at her stomach, she knows exactly what.

There's a beauty in a reflection, a beauty that she's always recognized. When she hung out in her father-the-king's gardens, they were peaceful and graceful. Now they're tormented. But there's still a majestic look to them. That's what tells her she isn't home.

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