Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Red, or the woman with the cherries in her hair [backstage post]

I’ve decided to use this blog more often, to give you backstage pictures of my shoots, of other commercial-type works that I do and to answer questions. Feel free to drop me a word at my ask box with any questions or suggestions you might have!
For a while now, I’ve been wanting to do a color-based series. I ended up starting it accidentally, last week, with my butterfly shot — the accidental orange theme of the photo prompted me to think about more and more ways to base portraits on color. 
I did a couple of attempts for the red; I tried with wool, with my gymnastics ribbon, with lipstick. And then last weekend, I was finishing lunch and it came to my mind: cherries. It took me forever to get them to stay in my hair (bobby pins are a godsend!) and to walk very softly to my grandmother’s bed, where I took the pictures. But I think it was worth it. Below, you have a few of the outtakes.
^ taking photos in my grandmother’s room is a guarantee that I’ll have at least four saints looking at me, including a Baby Jesus. I like them. 

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