Friday, August 24, 2012

days of fun

okay. this is kind of a counterpoint to wednesday's post, since it's all about a summer day so full and joyful that I absolutely had to share it with you.

my mother is lucky enough to live in a condo with a pool for the residents, and  we had some friends over on sunday — a good enough excuse for me to take pictures! there's not much to say about these, just that it was an absolutely lovely day with even lovelier people.

my mother asked me to take her a couple of portraits, so that she could update her facebook profile picture. I took a few; the ones in black and white were candids, when she was releasing her hair from the bun; the other two are posed, but I love them so much. do I have the prettiest mom in the world, or what?

it was basically impossible to get Gabs out of the water; she kept going in, swimming, so I don't have a lot of pictures of her outside. and up here are the obligatory feet photo. oh, I am so very hipster sometimes. *roll eyes*

my mom and one of her best friends, Carla. she's so lovely, and has the two cutest kids ever. 

C and her husband, plus me and mom. I look incredibly awkward, but oh well. I don't pose well for other people. 

E and Gabs, just out of the pool.

mom's garden treats. I love that statue. every time I go to mom's I end up taking pictures of it. 

mom and her two girls. 

expect a couple more posts this weekend — I've been shooting like a maniac this week and I can't wait to post everything I have. I hope you like these; let me know what you think in the comments!


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  1. wow. You really have a bloody good looking family(you included of course!) - I love the b/w photo of you and your mum, that smile of hers is so very proud :) Amazing photos! Keep'em coming <3

    1. Thanks, dear! I shall keep them coming! You're going to be fed up with me, trust me. :D

    2. Your photos give me too much hope and energy to keep walking to be ever fed up with them.