Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo post #19: Project 365 (continued)

day five

day six

day seven

day eight

day nine

day ten

day eleven

day twelve


  1. Day 6 is an AMAZING shot! I'm also loving days 10 and 11. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  2. OMG Lu, your pics are so amazing!!!
    I don't know if you still know me, (or want to know me), but I'm Chantal from Livejournal (sparkling_chan), and I came on this site by coincedence (I saw your pic on a belgium blog, with a link to your flicr page).

    I hope you are okay. That you feel better about yourself and such.

    Anyway, your pics are amazing :)


  3. Brandie: Thank you so much! I hope you like the new batch I just posted!

    Lisboa: Não pareço eu? Porquê? :p

    Chantal: Hey! I thought you had vanished from the interwebs! How's your life? I'm great, finally starting to do what I really love, as you can see.

    I'd love to know which belgium blog posted my photo. Can you link me? Thanks in advance!