Sunday, September 16, 2012

this is not your regular post — também conhecido como a minha parte nos protestos de 15 de Setembro

A part of me thinks I should write this post in Portuguese, but I imagine there are enough posts in my language, and this might actually reach more people. Because it is a matter so dear to my country, so important to the people living here, I'm posting it here and doing what I consider to be my part — to show what is going on and to help the word get across.

As some of you might know, Portugal is going through one of the biggest economic crisis in its History; because of the austerity plans implanted for us to be able to support ourselves and pay our external debt (put in a very, VERY linear way), the political class in my country keeps demanding sacrifices from the People; more taxes (right now, roughly half of what I make goes to the state, and I barely make any money with my art), lower wages, the overall debacle of the way we live. There are no jobs. There is no money to circulate, so everything you see around you is the closing of businesses that were decades old, people leaving on the street, entire families lining up for charity food. It's heartbreaking. We, as young people, are being strongly advised to leave the country and search work elsewhere, or stay and work for free or for way less than we deserve. Our youth is desperate. Our middle class is gone and right now, God knows how things are going to be in the next couple of years.

I never meant to turn this blog into a political platform, far from that. I believe I'm not doing it, but I am posting the photos of what I saw yesterday; the people marching against this, finally raising their voices and saying all of this is enough, enough sacrifice. A hundred thousand people marched here in Porto, yesterday. In Lisbon, they were a half million. We are finally showing how unhappy we are, how little sense things make right now.

There is no hope, no end in sight.

Unless maybe, just maybe, our politicians decide to help the country instead of themselves.

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