Monday, September 24, 2012

turning twenty-six; a birthday post

A couple of days ago, on September 22, I celebrated my 26th birthday. 

I had a wonderful day; I was lucky enough to have my family around me, my love and my friends as a part of my day. I enjoyed it thoroughly; cooking and photographing, eating with my people and smiling so much it made my cheeks hurt. Especially with my darling. I also caved and bought myself the VSCO Film 01 set; it was a birthday present to myself and these photos were edited with it, although with a little bit of tweaking from my part. 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all who visit my blog. You are unbelievable, with your support and taking time off your days to look at what I do. You make my life wonderful, too, and I hope you all know that!

Alright, enough talk. Bring on the photos! 

After breakfast, I made the tiramisù I'd promised my family, for lunch. It was yummy!

My mom gave me the envelope that held this dress saying 'I am so sorry. Your sister threw a tantrum at Zara and said this was the only thing there you'd like.' I honestly thought it would be some horrendous, paisley dress, but look at it. It's the most beautiful dress ever! My little sister knows what I like!

This one was taken by my Dad. I did lead all my family in song while they did the Happy Birthday thing. Ha!

Family portraits!

Favorite moment of the day!

Every year on my birthday, I do a self shoot. I like to keep track of how I look on my birthday every year, so here are this year's shots. Feel free to scroll by, they're an unbearable exercise in vanity. 

My garden gave me a strawberry and five chilli peppers for my birthday! 

Also, I scraped my knee trying to climb a wall in a mini-skirt. So mature I am.

All my gifts! Bones gave me flowers, like he always does, and it's lovely! Lila and Luis gave me a water can that is the prettiest, most adorable thing; Inês gave me plating tools, Bano gave me an Angry Birds toy and Zé gave me a cupcake calendar, as well as a tiny Shakespeare book. Last but not least, Rute gave me a 500 Desserts book, just in time to be immensely useful. I have the best friends ever!

I can't stop laughing at this shot. Inês took it. I think I was arguing about something. And clearly cringing at someone's argument. 

That's what happens when Bones tries to light up a cookie.

Trying to explain to Bones and Inês how the lens aperture works in terms of focus. 

And that's it! It was a full, lovely day! Thank you to everyone who's seen this, as well as everyone who wished me a happy birthday. You guys gave me a wonderful day. 


  1. Happy birthday! :D Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I don't know if you remember, but on Tumblr a few weeks ago I told you I want you to photograph my hypothetical future wedding. Well, now I'm pretty sure I want you to photograph my entire life. Is that feasible? lol.

    1. Hahaha, I have trouble photographing my own life, let alone anyone else's! :D But thank you, dear. It would be my pleasure to hypothetically photograph your hypothetical wedding. :D

  2. Happy belated Birthday :)! The photos are amazing and I love them as usual!

    Man, everyone you know is so good looking! And I'm in love with your kitchen apron. There, I said it!

    1. It's actually my grandmother's! My cousin brought it for her from Paris when he went on an InterRail! Thanks, dear!

  3. What a lovely birthday you had Lu! I already said it on twitter, but again: Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks, darling! You're a sweetheart!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    gorgeous photos & I love the self portraits :)

    1. Thanks Vickie! I'm glad you like them! :)