Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Berlin, day three — Potsdam

Last wednesday, while all of Germany celebrated the unification day, Lina and I headed to Potsdam to visit an online friend. We got to spend the day with the wonderful Jeanne and have a blast walking through the Sanssouci Park, visiting the center of the city and shooting tiny dishes at a carnival (but that was just me!), winning prizes for my lovely.

I hope you enjoy these photos as well. I have a blast preparing them to post here, to share my good times with you; it's part of what makes my work so wonderful, that I get to tell you guys about it. Thank you so much for continuously visiting, commenting and talking to me. It makes my days so much brighter.

Anyway. Enough sap, here are the photos!

Trip to Potsdam beyond the cut! 

The one on the right was taken by Jeanne.

we're children. no use in denying. 


taken by Lina

taken by Lina

guerrilla knitting! (or as I called it, gorilla knitting. and then proceeded to giggle for the rest of the afternoon)

this is where we decided that it was confirmed that God loves Gays. there's a freaking rainbow up there. I don't need any more proof.

I just had to. I hadn't picked up a rifle in years, and it was amazing. I even won a heart for my darling! Ha! (the pic was taken by Lina)

to finish the day, I went with Lina and her family to an epic handball game! It was so incredible. Noisy, quick and fun! I loved it. Absolutely loved it. 


  1. wonderful & I love how you've paired the photos

  2. I really appreciate the work. Those are stunning photos. I just loved them. I wish i could feel them .Awesome blog.

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed this post!