Thursday, October 11, 2012

photomaton (or the way a city changes you)

Every time I go out on a journey, I come back a little bit different. And I usually do a photo shoot just to keep a memory of that change to myself. 

This time, in Berlin, I grew. I had never roamed a city alone, had never been on a new and strange subway, had never spent time alone in a place I didn't know as well as the back of my hand. Having a big family will do that to you: you end up always traveling with someone. Whether an aunt or a cousin or a grandparent, you're never alone. But I did all that in Berlin, and absolutely loved it. Of course, there were other things making my trip an absolute delight. Love. Laughter. A new and wondrous place. But I feel like my ability to spend time alone was what changed me the most. That, and having a pair of arms to come back to at the end of my tiny adventures in town, waiting for me just around the corner, telling me I could do it and holding my hand when I thought I couldn't. So yeah. It was a good trip. I think these pictures show exactly that. 

More pictures after the cut, if you're in the mood for some shameless and childish self promotion. I do think I have a new facebook picture, though. 


  1. absolutely gorgeous :)

    there is something awesome (& challenging) about exploring a new place all on your own. (I have a large family too :) )

    1. Isn't it exhilarating? I absolutely loved it!

      Thanks for commenting, dear! :)