Monday, October 29, 2012

Berlin, the last few days (this time!)

When I got busy with other pieces of work, I set aside the photos I took in Berlin for later review. I had some time back in the weekend and ended up processing them to share on my personal facebook, and I thought it was finally time to share them with you. I hope you like them! Let me know what you think!

more under the cut!

Despite the light tone of these, Friday's visit to the Wall and to the Asisi panorama made the day heavy and a little bit dark. I hadn't realized the impact it had on people, and what made it even harder for me was that it came down in my lifetime, but I can't remember. I was three. I remember other things, but not that. It's a natural process, but I still wish I'd realized. Also, it's hard for me to understand that a country like Germany was divided until so long in the 20th century. How can a wall like that hold out in a post-WWII world? It's mind boggling, for me. But the thing is, it did. And its effects are still in the people, in the buildings. They're everywhere. 

It's a sad patch in History, but at the same time it made me feel so much closer to Berlin. It's a good thing that I got to see it. 

And that I got to see it accompanied by this smile. It just warms my heart. 

(taken by the wonderful Lina)

I think this is my favorite photo from the entire vacation. I just love how perfect we look, how urban it feels. I really do adore it.

(both pictures above were taken by Lina)

On Sunday, we went to the Zoo! It was so amazing!

(taken by Lina. Clearly. Also, I like monkeys.)

(also taken by Lina)

(yeah, the ones above were all taken by her)

I left the next day, and I was so sad I didn't have the heart to take pictures. I didn't want that kind of sadness to be caught on camera; I prefer to remember the city by the wonderful sights and the hands and the beauty around me.


  1. *sigh* (which is pretty much a sum of feelings/words of praise and envy which I'm too tired to write now). Also you guys reflected on the orangutan's cage glass :).

  2. gorgeous photos, love the b&w of you two on the train platform.

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