Friday, November 2, 2012


Story 7/52
As it became, she knew that if she opened her mouth they would come crawling out. She did. She wanted them out, she wanted to purge the demons inside of her. She wanted the creatures to run free and wild and away from her. The thoughts. The evil thoughts that made her anxious, that made her crawl with fear and sadness and the certainty that everything was going to go wrong. She wanted them out. She would cut herself, but that would show and she didn’t want anyone knowing. She would throw herself off a building, but that would cause pain to the people she loved, and she didn’t want that, either. She just wanted the bad thoughts to go away. She just wanted them to fade, to become unimportant. She wanted death to stop being a part of her brain, the most prominent part. She wanted the sadness and the questioning and the fear and the anxiety to be a part of her past. So she opened her mouth and let them run away, let them go and flee and go some place so far that they could never be seen again.
She might need to do it again tomorrow. And the day after that and for as long as she existed. It was exhausting. But at least it was something she could do.

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