Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 15 — The Girl who Fell

Week 15/52

While I had wanted to take a different photograph for the weekly shot, I ended up using my favourite out of the Sanatorium ones. It happened mostly for two reasons, the first of which is that my grip-with-a-remote-control-included seems to be taking forever to do the 5km between the customs office and my place, so I'm remoteless; the second reason is that I sort of fell in love with this photo as soon as I finished it. There, I said it. For once, I like the weekly shot.


"What if we fall", Clarissa asked with the rise of an eyebrow. It seemed almost as if she didn't mind the fall or the aftermath of it; as if she didn't have anything better to do with her time than to risk to die in a gruesome way.

Matthew shrugged, looking through the well.

"Back in the day, we wouldn't have thought about it twice."

She rolled her eyes but couldn't keep a smile from showing up on her face. "We were young. And stupid. We're neither now."

"I think we're still pretty..."

"If you say 'stupid', I swear to God I'll throw you down the well myself."

"I was going to say 'young'."

She smiled. "Good. Good boy."

They were silent for a minute or two, each contemplating the square windows that covered the dark pit.


Clarissa pulled the cover over it again and turned around.

"Come on, stupid. I'm not going to kill myself when there's a chocolate cake in the oven."

"As simple as that, huh?"


Again, letting you in on the outtakes of my very tiny and very bad Lent novel. OH, there's only a week and two days left! CHOCOLATE! Please come my way! :D

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